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Use the help videos as you navigate the My Debt Killer multiple-loan- payoff workbook. The videos are designed to help everyone – beginner to expert – become a skilled user of the My Debt Killer workbook. Review the descriptions of each video to identify where to start. For best results, follow along in your workbook as you view the videos. Videos four, five and six are especially important to fully harness the power of My Debt Killer.

My Debt Killer 2nd Edition is now available for download! This new edition has expanded capacity allowing for analysis of up to 60 loans at one time. The new edition alerts users when there are ties between payoff methods. The Interest Data By Approach sheet has been expanded to provide separate tables showing the total interest for each payoff method for each comparison that the user runs. Please note that the videos are based on the first edition, but the instructions, results and practice data remain the same.

If you have not downloaded the My Debt Killer workbook you may do it now and follow along in your workbook as you watch the videos.