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My pictureI’m Dr. Drew Sullivan, a retired neurosurgeon, an outdoor enthusiast, and a math nerd at heart. Between riding my road bike, kayaking, paddleboarding, and spending time with my family, I’ve developed a hobby in computer coding and application development.

When it began impacting my children is when I was first struck by the problem of optimally managing and paying off multiple loans. I realized that the weight of managing large amounts of debt and multiple loans could be crushing for new graduates or young professionals. I felt that the typical loan calculators available on the internet did not accurately portray all the necessary options for managing multiple loans. I felt that this left my children and their friends in what seemed like a no-win situation. The personal desire to help my children, and ultimately their friends, drove me to explore the math leveraged in the My Debt Killer multiple loan payoff calculator. More of my journey through the math is noted in the Math Considerations page.

By providing the My Debt Killer workbook for free, I hope to help others find their best approach to managing and paying off multiple loans. I believe that analysis of ones loan data using multiple payoff options with multiple comparisons is the key to the best individual solution. I believe that no one needs to struggle through this problem alone and that escaping the burden of multiple loans is truly possible!

I believe that finding the best method for paying off multiple loans is an ever-growing challenge. I continue to improve this workbook, develop new applications, and tweak the math. Check back for upcoming changes.

I’d love to hear your success stories or challenges when using the My Debt Killer workbook!

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