My Debt Killer

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Are you struggling to pay off multiple loans? Are you ready to escape the burden of debt?
Are you ready to crush your loans?

My Debt Killer is a powerful, multiple-loan-payoff calculator that can help you! This free, downloadable, loan-payoff, Excel calculator allows you to evaluate nine different approaches to killing your debt for up to 60 different loans!

The burden of multiple loans can be crushing. Determining which loan to pay off first, how to manage minimum payments, and how best to utilize the income you have can be a daunting task. Let My Debt Killer help you!

My Debt Killer was developed with you in mind! Whether its multiple student loans or a combination of school and credit card debt – I’ve been there! This tool was developed based on personal experience working to identify the best strategy to pay down loans while minimizing the total amount of interest paid.

There are a number of strategies for multiple loan payoffs. That isn’t a secret! Spend a few minutes searching and you’ll find companies that swear their method is the best. Instead, of anyone telling you what’s best – find out for yourself! My Debt Killer allows you to identify the best way of distributing your loan payments from a variety of methods while minimizing how much interest you pay.

Short answer – you have options!.

Download My Debt Killer and check out your options. Need help, review our help videos for additional support.


Before You Begin

My Debt Killer was designed for you to dive right in; however, there are a handful of steps that may improve your use of the calculator. Consider taking some time to work through the following steps prior to running your multiple loan payoff scenarios.

Identify Your Loans

It’s hard to keep track of all the details when you have multiple loans. Taking time prior to running your multiple loan debt payoff scenarios can help ensure you are working through all the strategies possible. Consider making a list of your loans to include the following:

Consolidate Your Debt

Debt consolidation can be a huge benefit when managing multiple loans. Consider consolidating student loans, personal loans, or credit card debt into a single loan with the lowest interest rate possible. Ignore the balances; focus on the interest rate. The key to debt consolidation is ensuring that the combined loan has an interest rate lower than all the loans now included.

Reduce the Minimum Payments and Interest Rates

Approaching your lenders may seem daunting, but working to identify how you can decrease your minimum payments or refinance to a lower rate can increase your multiple loan payoff options. Focus on freeing up cash that you may otherwise be paying in high minimum payments or interest to better distribute that cash across your loan payoff plan.

Make One Time Large Payments

That graduation money or sign-on bonus you’ve received can get you off to a great start in killing your debt. A lump-sum payment to either pay off or pay down a loan will help tremendously. When considering a one-time payment focus on your loans with the highest interest rate, not the highest balance.

Identify the Total Amount You Can Pay Each Month

Finally, identify the total amount each month that you’re comfortable putting toward your multiple loan payoff strategy. Take into account all of the considerations above and ensure that the total amount you can pay each month fits into your budget. With all of this hard work behind you, you’re more prepared than ever to kill your debt and define the multiple loan payoff strategy that will work best for you! If you have not done it already, now is the time to download the My Debt Killer calculator workbook.


To leverage the full power of the My Debt Killer workbook follow along in your copy of the My Debt Killer workbook as you watch the help videos.